Take Me Out to the Ball Game!


Are your kids pumped for baseball season? We sure are! As an American tradition, baseball is a common springtime activity and it’s likely that your family will take at least one trip to the ballpark, whether it’s to see a professional team or to watch a friend’s game.

Foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, pretzels and Cracker Jacks are synonymous with a day at the ballpark. You already know that these foods aren’t the healthiest but it’s silly to miss out on eating them if you’ll only be at the park a few times this season. However, we don’t suggest that your family consumes these foods all season long. If you’ll be at the field often, we suggest that you feed your kids a healthy meal before leaving the house. You can also pack healthy teeth snacks  for the kids.  For yourself, check out this article to see some make-ahead meal suggestions for busy moms.

It’s nearly inevitable that your kids will want to eat ballpark food. We don’t blame them – the food usually tastes great! If your family will eat at the ballpark, we recommend the following:

  • Avoid Cracker Jacks. They’re sugary and the kernels often get stuck in between the teeth and gums.
  • Purchase low salt pretzels, if available. If not, brush most of the salt off the regular pretzels before eating.
  • Pizza may be the best meal choice available at the ballpark. After all, calcium is great for happy teeth.

We hope your family enjoys time at the ballpark this season and we wish good luck to all the little-leaguers!