New Year Dental Health Resolutions


Happy New Year! You’ve probably thought about New Year’s resolutions in the wellness category, like eating healthier, going “green”, and increasing exercise. And that’s great! But have you considered your family’s dental health in the New Year? Don’t forget- dental health is an integral part of your overall wellness. Now is a great time to improve your mouth-healthy habits.

We want to help your family start the New Year off right. Review this checklist with your kids to ensure everyone has a healthier 2016!

  • I’ve visited a dentist within the last six months
  • I’ve followed up with necessary dental work, if needed
  • I brush twice a day, everyday
  • I brush for a full two minutes
  • I brush all areas of my mouth each time
  • I rinse after I brush
  • I brush my teeth at night and don’t eat again after I brush
  • I floss daily
  • My toothbrush is not older than 4 months
  • My toothbrush is not frayed
  • I keep my toothbrush in a holder at least 4 feet away from the toilet bowl
  • I don’t use my teeth to open packages, tops of containers, etc.
  • I make “happy teeth” food and beverage choices
    • I limit between-meal snacking
    • I rarely consume added sugar – including, but not limited to candy, mints, taffy, cookies, muffins, chips, and soda.
    • I include dairy, lots of fruits and veggies, and water in my diet
    • I eat foods that contain calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C

Did every member of your family receive a perfect score on the checklist? If so, way to go! If not, there’s room for improvement in 2016. Read our past blog entries and continue to follow our blog for healthy tips and ideas.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year!

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